PRESSCON supplies various equipment for treatment of heating systems and other applications such as substrate systems dosing or complete dosing units.

All our dosing units are custom designed are can be specified for many fields of application and each specific dosage necessity can be met.

The PRESSCON dosing systems provide the highest level of reliability, quality and accuracy, with reduced costs and the many possibilities of configuration and application.
Our pumps are ready to be installed and can communicate via an interface with all existing productive systems, ready to meet any need dosage. The perfect answer for the dosing of various chemical solutions of typical applications, such as disinfection and purification, industrial applications, car washes and the dosage of all types and viscosity of liquids.

Water filtration

In a modern heating system or cooling system is a part-flow filter or a part-flow filter unit of essential importance.

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Water degassing

PRESSCON’s high quality and high reliability water degassers that can be specified for the specific needs of your project.

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We also work closely with CIRO ( in the field of water treatment. CIRO specializes in treating and analyzing heating water in horticulture. With CIRO as a partner, we offer a complete package and you are assured of proper filtration and water treatment of your boiler water !

For each PRESSCON project with a partial flow filter applied, we offer without obligation and free of charge, the possibility to carry out a water analysis by CIRO.

Advice and custom solutions

All our products are designed, built and tested in our own factory in Honselersdijk and are characterised by innovation, efficiency and quality.
With both design and production being done in-house, our organisation and products have a high level of flexibility.
This enables us to build and deliver custom installations for the specific challenges and requirements of each project, that go beyond our standardised product line-up.

After Sales:

We offer various maintenance models on the basis of an hourly rate or in the form of a maintenance contract, both within the Netherlands and internationally.
We’ve strived to constantly perfect our product design, in order to simplify maintenance operations and we also provide thorough documentation and trainings for customers that wish to do maintenance themselves.
With our 24/7 service department, we support our customers day and night in case of malfunctions.

Would you like to learn more about our water treatment solutions or dosing units. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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