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The Presscon Vernit Economy Duo nitrogen expansion system prevents rust, monitors the water level, and keeps two storage tanks pressurized using nitrogen.

The control cabinet is featured with 2 PRESS-displays. It is applied in expansion systems with 2 vertical heat storage tanks.
The controller which is placed in the control cabinet is of the type: PRESS-control maximal.
This controller is capable of identifying 80 alarms on the PRESS-display. The VERNIT system controls the pressure of the nitrogen blanket within a range of 10 mbar to 28 mbar.


Additional information

Compressed air input [Bar(g)]

8 bar

Max compressed air input [Bar(g)]

10 bar

Compressed air input temperature [°C]

5,0 ° – 20 °

Relative humidity compressed air intake, dew point [°C]

3 °

Luchtaansluiting (inch)


Nitrogen output connection (inch)


Standard working pressure [Bar(g)]

6,5 bar

Maximum working pressure [Bar(g)]

10 bar