With more than 20 years of experience in the production of nitrogen generators, Presscon is an industry leader in designing and delivering complete nitrogen blanketing solutions for a variety of industries.

In tank blanketing, a flow of nitrogen gas with a purity of between 95% to 99.9% is pumped into the tank above the liquid level in order to fill the vapour space at the top of the tank with nitrogen.

Tank blanketing is mainly used to prevent contact of various reactive substances with oxygen, as well as to prevent the build-up of volatile vapours, and in this way helps prevent potentially hazardous conditions.

Here are a few industries where nitrogen blanketing is widely used:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Food industry (both for production and packing processes as well as for long distance shipping of perishables)
    Geothermal installations
  • Various other industries where a production processes require the handling of flammable or toxic materials or dealing with other fire and explosion hazards.

For production processes that use nitrogen blanketing, having an in-house nitrogen production unit is usually a much more cost-effective solution than buying liquid nitrogen tanks.
Furthermore because of the industry leading energy efficiency of our N-Gen Nitrogen production units, their unmatched reliability and maintenance friendly design, costs are kept further down.

The PRESSCON N-Gen Nitrogen Generators are the ideal solution for on-site nitrogen production and blanketing.

Our N-Gen system using the proprietary HP-PSA nitrogen production technology are the most energy efficient nitrogen-production systems on the market today.
We collaborate with our customers so that the correct technical approach is taken depending on the application requirements, for both the blanketing method and the system capacity and integration.
Our nitrogen generators can be adapted for the following blanketing methods and PRESSCON can deliver a complete blanketing installation that’s either integrated with other control and monitoring software of fully controlled using our software.

  • Continuous purge blanketing
    A continuous flow of nitrogen (or other inert gas) is used to maintain safe oxygen concentrations within a tank headspace.
  • Pressure control blanketing
    Nitrogen is introduced into the tank headspace to maintain the set pressure. Having a tank pressurized with nitrogen decreases air in-bleed and can reduce nitrogen usage compared to continuous purging.

Pressure and oxygen sensors:

PRESSCON can also deliver and integrate all the necessary pressure and oxygen level monitoring systems that are required for the optimal monitoring and control of the system.

Advice and custom solutions

All our products are designed, built and tested in our own factory in Honselersdijk and are characterised by innovation, efficiency and quality.
With both design and production being done in-house, our organisation and products have a high level of flexibility.
This enables us to build and deliver custom installations for the specific challenges and requirements of each project, that go beyond our standardised product line-up.

After Sales:

We offer various maintenance models on the basis of an hourly rate or in the form of a maintenance contract, both within the Netherlands and internationally.
We’ve strived to constantly perfect our product design, in order to simplify maintenance operations and we also provide thorough documentation and trainings for customers that wish to do maintenance themselves.
With our 24/7 service department, we support our customers day and night in case of malfunctions.

Would you like to learn more about our nitrogen blanketing, expansion systems, buffer tank pressure and vacuum valves or pressure and oxygen measurement equipment. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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