PRESSCON has more than 20 years of experience designing and building reliable and energy efficient on-site nitrogen generators for a variety of applications.

One of these applications for our N-Gen nitrogen generators is in large scale geothermal heating installations and geothermal power stations.

Because of all of the technical challenges a large scale geothermal installation has to deal with, nitrogen is extensively used for pressure stabilizing purposes as well as for a higher operational safety of the installation.

Nitrogen gas is used for a variety of processes within a geothermal installation such as:

  • used as an inert gas that blankets storage tanks;
  • nitrogen is also injected directly into the wells to prevent oxidation of the steel well shafts;
  • used to displace oxygen and prevent oxidation inside the degassing tank;
  • extensively used for filter flushing, and installation startup after filter replacement so that no oxygen is contacting the water flow in the installation and therefore prevents corrosion;
  • generally used wherever the water flow can contact air as to ensure that the water quality does not fluctuate;
  • our nitrogen installations can also be fully integrated with the expansion system of a secondary heating network (often found in large scale geothermal plants);
  • Providing nitrogen to booster pumps and pneumatic valves which operate outdoors, because of the low dew point of Nitrogen of -70. Using nitrogen in this application prevents moisture and water vapour compared to compressed air and therefore reduces the possibility of equipment malfunction at low temperatures.

Because of the multitude of processes where nitrogen is used, it’s even more important to have an energy efficient on-site nitrogen generator.

Our proprietary HP-PSA technology offers energy savings up to 30% when compared to other PSA based systems, and when compared to the membrane technology or cryogenic separation process, energy savings can be up to 50%.

PRESSCON not only designs and delivers the on-site Nitrogen Generator, but also works together with the project engineers to design the most robust nitrogen installations and to fully integrate them according to project requirements.

We’ve also adapted our experience working with complex nitrogen delivery installations, compressed air installations and fire prevention systems in order to design and deliver fully integrated pressure monitoring and oxygen monitoring systems as well as compressed air installations.

Advice and custom solutions

All our products are designed, built and tested in our own factory in Honselersdijk and are characterised by innovation, efficiency and quality.
With both design and production being done in-house, our organisation and products have a high level of flexibility.
This enables us to build and deliver custom installations for the specific challenges and requirements of each project, that go beyond our standardised product line-up.

After Sales:

We offer various maintenance models on the basis of an hourly rate or in the form of a maintenance contract, both within the Netherlands and internationally.
We’ve strived to constantly perfect our product design, in order to simplify maintenance operations and we also provide thorough documentation and trainings for customers that wish to do maintenance themselves.
With our 24/7 service department, we support our customers day and night in case of malfunctions.

Would you like to learn more about our specialised solutions for geothermal sites? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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